Briefing: 23 April 2018

New workshop on addressing port emissions delivered in China

The GloMEEP Project are pleased to launch a brand-new workshop package, developed in collaboration with IAPH, on the “Prevention and control of shipping and port air emissions”. It aims to train participants in how to undertake a port air emissions assessment, gaining a better understanding of different source categories in ports and how to quantify these. Furthermore, it provides training on the development of strategies for the reduction of air emissions in ports.

The first workshop in this series is currently being held in Ningbo, China (from 23 to 25 May 2018) with participants from the national maritime administration, and port and terminal operators. It is being co-hosted by Ningbo MSA and Ningbo Zhoushan Port. The workshop programme includes a visit to the Port of Ningbo Zhoushan, who will also present on the current sustainability initiatives being undertaken in their Port.