Briefing: 4 March 2016

Jamaica workshop promotes ship energy efficiency

Jamaica_National workshop on MARPOL Annex VI and NTF 2IMO is raising awareness of its regulations on energy efficiency and the control of GHG emissions from ships at a national workshop in Kingston, Jamaica (2-4 March). Jamaica is a Lead Pilot Country for the Global Maritime Energy Efficiency Partnerships Project (GloMEEP), which was launched in September last year. The project aims to support uptake and implementation of energy efficiency measures for shipping.

Participants from Jamaican governmental departments, academia and other related bodies are in attendance at the “MARPOL Annex VI and Technology Transfer” workshop. IMO’s Astrid Dispert and a team of IMO consultants are running the event, which is being funded by contributions from Norway.

Additionally, a wide spectrum of stakeholders attended Jamaica’s first National Task Force meeting (1 March), which endorsed the National Work Plan of activities under the GloMEEP project for the coming two years.