Briefing: 12 May 2016

GloMEEP PCU attends IWC-8

The GloMEEP PCU is attending the 8th GEF International Waters Conference in Sri Lanka, which supports knowledge sharing within the GEF International Waters projects portfolio. The theme of this year’s Conference was “Scaling Up Investments from Source to Sea in the Context of Achieving the SDGs” with specific learning tracks devoted to catalyzing transformation and scaling up investments; strengthening governance processes to sustain project interventions; and moving from science and information to policy.

Over 90 projects from the GEF IW portfolio are represented at the Conference, with around 300 participants from various UN agencies, international financing institutions, NGOs and member Governments.

IMO’s team presented the “Glo-X” partnerships model, embracing both GloMEEP and GloBallast, and won the best Portfolio Solution Award for the best strategy for scaling-up investments aimed at addressing global environmental issues facing international waters. The team also facilitated a technical session in Plenary on “Promoting Transformational Change in Major Global Industries” focussing on industry engagement in IMO projects.image001