Briefing: 21 November 2018

Global Project Task Force Meeting held in Hangzhou, China

Last week (12-13 November) the GloMEEP Project held a Global Project Task Force meeting in Hangzhou, China to take stock and assess the progress made during the first phase of the project.

Representatives of the Lead Pilot Countries (LPCs) convened for the two-day meeting, and reported considerable progress on a number of regional and national level activities such as the rapid assessment of maritime and port energy efficiency and emissions status and the development of a national emission reduction strategy and policies which were undertaken based on the Ship and Port Emission Toolkits developed by the Project. Those LPCs that had not yet implemented MARPOL Annex VI have all drafted legislation and are working on enacting it into national law.

The Project Coordination Unit also reported on all the activities which had taken place on a global level, including the development of four new training packages, which have been rolled out in the LPCs resulting in more than 1000 participants being trained at national, regional and global level. The meeting was also updated on the substantial progress made on the activities of the Global Industry Alliance (GIA), the public-private partnership initiative of the Project.

As part of the discussions, the meeting considered ideas on how the GloMEEP Project could be sustained and scaled up to provide further support to existing and additional beneficiary countries, with a view to establishing a second phase of the Project to continue the good work achieved so far.