Briefing: 26 July 2018

Addressing port emissions in Malaysia

The latest workshop on the Prevention and control of shipping and port air emissions took place this week (24 to 26 July 2018) in Bintulu, Malaysia. Kindly co-hosted by the Marine Department Malaysia and the Bintulu Port Authority, the objective of the workshop was to train participants in how to conduct port emissions assessments, and how to quantify and calculate air emissions from different sources within the port area. Participants also learnt about various measures and strategies which could be implemented in order to reduce emissions, and also how to conduct cost-benefit analysis to assess their feasibility. The workshop included a visit to the Port of Bintulu, which helped to further consolidate understanding of the port operations and how they can potentially be improved to optimize energy efficiency.

Participants attended from across the various national port authorities, terminals, environmental agencies and the maritime authority, which resulted in interesting discussions on how air emissions could be reduced in and around the port areas of Malaysia.