The GloMEEP Project is currently in the process of establishing a pioneering public-private sector partnership titled “Global Industry Alliance to support Low Carbon Shipping”, an initiative that aims to bring together like-minded maritime private industry champions to support an energy efficient and low carbon maritime transport system.

The scope of the GIA is to stimulate continued R&D efforts, publicize advances in technology development and positive initiatives by the industry, initiate a global industry dialogue and implement capacity building and information exchange activities. It proposes to address key barriers to transitioning shipping towards a low carbon maritime transport system by focusing on five suggested priority areas of collaboration:

1. Energy Efficiency Technologies and Operational Best Practices

2. Alternative Fuels and Energy Carriers

3. Digital Transformation

4. Finance

5. the Human Element

Members would benefit from cooperating within the framework of the GIA by collectively identifying and developing innovative solutions to address these barriers and promote the uptake of energy efficiency technologies while taking advantage of the GEF, UNDP and IMO global networks, technology cooperation initiatives and policy dialogues.

The Global Industry Alliance to support Low Carbon Shipping will be officially launched at IMO Headquarters end of June 2017.

For further details on this initiative or if your company, as a pioneer in matters related to maritime energy efficiency, would be interested in becoming a member of the GIA and cooperating with IMO and its GloMEEP partners on this new public-private sector partnership, please contact the GloMEEP Project Coordination Unit under