clean_DSCN1621_editedThe GIA is a major public-private partnership within GloMEEP that aims to secure funding from and engagement by international companies in support of the GloMEEP project activities and objectives.

The participation of private sector and industry in GloMEEP is foreseen to be achieved via setting up of a GIA to catalyse maritime sector energy efficiency innovation and technology deployment via:

GIA Fund: Contributions / donations by industry towards the technological developments and deployments for shipping energy efficiency.

Global forums: To highlight best practices and R&D on maritime energy efficiency, technologies for ship technology upgrade, case studies and guidelines.

Other activities: These will be decided by the GIA itself after its formation.


gia-ship-2The international industry is expected to play a major role in all aspects of GIA via:

• Take ownership and leadership in all relevant related decision making and actual implementation of activities.

• Identify barriers to deployment of both ship management and technology upgrades; with emphasis on existing ships in developing nations

• Define collaborative models that would remove barriers to energy efficiency for existing ships in particular in developing countries.

• Form alliances with IMO and LPCs to promote energy efficiency technologies for ships’ technical upgrades.

• Support the GloMEEP project via a combination of cash and in-kind input.

For further information, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the Global Industry Alliance of the GloMEEP Project, please contact us at